Water Purifier

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Water Purifier

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Water Purifier

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Only Starting From RM2.5/Day

Subscription Package from 18-60 Months
FREE Services and Change Filter Every 4 Months
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Already year 2020...Why need to waste time cook water and drink dirty water?

EVERYDAY Waste 20 Mins to COOK WATER for whole family!

EVERYDAY EARLY 6AM WAKE UP boil water for milk, milo and coffee!


1 Day You waste 20mins, drink 2Liter of "Partially Filtered" Water
1 Month You waste 600 mins, drink 60Liter of "Partially Filtered" Water
1 Year You waste 7200 mins, drink 720Liter of "Partially Filtered" Water

Now You make LIFE Easier, More Time, More Relax
with LESS EFFORT everyday, with 2 pack of small KOPI O Price RM2.5/Day

Why Choosing BEST Water Filter - Cuckoo

Mineral & Alkaline Water

Slight alkaline water at pH7.5 which is favorable to our body health and enhance minerals in healthy water close to natural water

4 Filters & 6 Filtration Process

Filtering 99.99% of bacteria & viruses, sand particles, rusts, heavy metals

NanoPositive Technology

Eliminate Heavy Metals such as Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, Zinc, etc.

Choosing TOP Company - Cuckoo
Cuckoo Company

6 Years of Success

We have been focused at improving the quality of living through Beyond Standards products and services.

Loved by household

A Cuckoo Water Purifier is sold every 1 minutes.

Well-Known in Cuckoo Natural Care Service

Well-trained technicians all over Malaysia readily to serve our Cuckoo customers.

Why Choosing Best Agent - Happy Cuckoo
Hi, I am Jin Zheng.

Trusted Full-time Cuckoo Agent

I graduated as a Full-time Material Engineering. But after using Cuckoo products, it really helped me improve my life to become MORE SIMPLE, EASIER, RELAX then I starting to believe We can live better and quality life with affordable price.

Helping more than 100+ Customers

With my honest approach on each of every customers I served together with experience I had, our customers stay with us for longer relationship. We are not just client-customer relationship. They are part of my life.

Aiming to become the best in Cuckoo

Hitting and run is not my style, but continuously growing is my traits! We want our customers to be together with us as we grow along the journey

Premium Quality with Affordable Approach

Flexible Plan

0% Installment, Full Payment, and Rental Plan

Premium Quality

Excellent brand quality with affordable price

5 Days Settle Installation

0 Processing Fee
0 Installation Fee

Professional Service

FREE Up to 6 Filter / Year
FREE Door-to-door Service

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- One of the TOP outdoor filter in Malaysia
- Small in size with only 50cm x 20cm
- Elegant & Minimal Design