Moving forward to the modern world, people are getting more and more demanding on staying safe and being healthy. In our daily basis, water is important and the quality of water is a non-negligible fact which bring direct impact to our health. Consequently, a multi-functional Cuckoo water filter is needed to maintain everyone’s health and time saving too!  

Nowadays, there are wide variety of Cuckoo water purifiers can be found on the market. Why we choose Cuckoo? Cuckoo is the most reliable brand with high reputation other than offering affordable price. Why Cuckoo is reliable? Cuckoo always provide the best before and after sales service and quality assurance to customers. What after sales service? Cuckoo has a highly efficient and professional technical team in the whole Malaysia. Every 4 months, technicians will come to provide filter cartridge replacement including 4 cartridges in a year and inspection service. Hence, believe in Cuckoo and choose Cuckoo. Cuckoo is the first home appliance brand in Malaysia to offer one-stop professional after-sales service.


XCEL Cuckoo water filter is small and delicate in shape. The white colour looks stylish, simple and modern. The electronic touch screen system come along with colour light to distinguish the water temperature. XCEL has hot, warm and cold water features. For safety consideration, XCEL product design attaches to hot water safety lock to prevent any unpredictable accident especially home with kids. Other than safety, XCEL is also power saving which suitable for small to medium size family.

The XCEL Cuckoo water dispenser contains 4 filter cartridges inclusive of 6 stages of filtration system. This system is advance and produce mild alkaline water around pH 7.5 with retained minerals required by our body. The minerals can help in detoxify the body, strengthen the bones, provide antioxidants and last but not least to protect our heart too.

Why Affordable?

As normal being, pricing for sure is the main concern to put us in dilemma when choosing Cuckoo water purifier.  As we all know the price for a good Cuckoo water filter is certainly not cheap and you get what you pay for. In order to make sure everyone can have it, Cuckoo launched the Good Plan Value Package for XCEL where customer can choose the affordable plan according to their financial capacity, and they can have a XCEL Cuckoo water purifier lower than RM 100 per month! To keep yourself healthy, minimum 1200ml of water per day is unavoidable. Cuckoo XCEL provide you the healthy water in a very economical price around RM 2.80 per day for whole family. Hence, don’t hesitate and contact us for more details!

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