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2-Piece Plus Kyndell Cookware Set

Outright with RM1500

Features : Practical pouring rim design guarantees easy and safe pouring without dripping or spilling Flat metal lid that efficiently traps heat Energy efficient Inner pot is embedded with a measuring scale for easy and accurate measurement Stainless steel design that can withstand high heat Large handles made of high-gloss polished 18/14 stainless steel provides an ergonomic grip Whatsapp Sales


Outright for RM550

Features : Spray farther and wider Easy to use anytime & anywhere Compatible with plastic bottles Strong disinfecting power Effectively removes residual pesticides & germs Detachable structure for easy cleaning Whatsapp Sales


Starting from RM100.00/Month (without casing), RM110/Month (with casing)

Features : Direct Touch Sensor. IH Ultra-high Temperature Mode. High-heat Algorithm. Hybrid Induction Hob. Whatsapp Sales


Starting from RM88.00/Month (without casing), RM98.00/Month (with casing)

Features : Direct Highlight Cooking Zone Precise heat conduction with expansion function Induction Heating Cooking Zone Quick Heat with Turbo Mode Whatsapp Sales