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Black HN10

Outright with RM2500

Features : Auto steam cleaning Hydraulic slow opening mode Patented soft steam cap Water draining system Non-stop steam emission Patented full stainless steel detachable cover Patented double layered rubber packing Mega thermal power Whatsapp Sales


Outright with RM2700

Features : High Pressure Point for Cooking ( 1.9Bar Pressure level) 22 safety feature IN & OUT Fully Stainless Steel Inner Pot Auto Steam Sterilisation Multilingual Voice Navigation Energy Eye Sensor Function Safety Lock Detachable Cover Night Voice Volume Reduction Whatsapp Sales


Outright with RM3000.00

Features : 22 safety features 14 cooking modes Power saving Direct touch menu display Multi-language voice navigation In & Out full stainless steel Simple one-touch release cover lid Full stainless Xwall curved inner pot Whatsapp Sales


Starting from RM70.00/Month

Features : Eco Pressure Multi Cooker 14 Safety Features XWall Diamond Coating Stainless Steel Detachable Cover Double Layer Rubber Packing Auto Steam Sterilisation Voice Navigation Smart Algorithm Preset Timer Whatsapp Sales


Outright with RM1886.79

Features : Safety Lock Mechanism Multilingual Voice Navigator 1.8 kPa Pressure Cooking Gaba Rice Function (Germinated Brown Rice) Anti-Heat Inner Pot Handle Non-Stick Inner Pot (Diamond coating) Present Cooking Auto-Clean Function (Steam Sterilisation) Comprehensive Cooking Modes Whatsapp Sales


Outright with RM1450.00

Features : Xwall Diamond Inner Pot Customised Rice Taste Function 9 cooking modes Full Stainless-steel Detachable Cover 14 Safety Features Auto Steam-Sterilisation Voice Navigation Whatsapp Sales